Sample Tracks
1. I Know Where You Been
2. Place Called Rage
3. Trapped
4. Take It Lying Down
5. Someday
6. One Child
7. What These Eyes Have Seen
8. Can't Find My Way Home
9. Jenny Doesn't Live Here Anymore
10. Thunderbox
11. Where Not Coming Home
12. Chained To A Maniac


As a tribute to my good friend I'd like to offer a free download of the last song we ever played together

Theme From An Imaginary Western

Misc Audio

Band Of Gold
Buttercup (An MP3 of the audio from Buttercup the video)
Can't Slow Down
Crazy Train
Might Just Take Your Life
No Matter What
Otta Site
Over My Head
Pretty Girls Everywhere
Workin On You

Waitin’ For The Bus /Jesus Just Left Chicago

Here's a song that was sent to me and I think everyone should hear it.


"This is America Our Heart & Soul"




I'm Eighteen


Rock Steady


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