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150) Katie Woodward
I bought tickets for my husband as a surprise for the TSO concert (he is a huge fan of Savatage). I also got tickets for my 14 year old son and 14 year old nephew. I just wanted to see as a child of the 80s and a lover of heavy metal hair bands, and also as a child able to participate in music programs in school, thus gaining a love of other types of genres, I LOVED YOUR SHOW! It was a joy to bang my head at a concert I wasn't afraid to take my family too! I loved knowing that there was a spiritual message and humanitarian message in that music. It was fun! And it was so nice to see a group of people who were touring on talent! Not studio enhanced image and sound, but true talent! I loved it and when you come back to Oklahoma City, I will bring everyone I know! My son wants to take guitar lessons! This was a truly awesome experience. Three days later and we're still bragging about going and living on the high!
Thanks for coming to OKC!

Monday, November 21, 2005 at 16:48
149) Rob Walz

I want to thank you and the rest of your TSO band mates for an OUTSTANDING performance in Cape Girardeau, Mo (11/16/05). My son, Jace (13 years old) is an aspiring musician (Bass, Guitar, Flute) and was blown away for the 2nd year in a row. It was great to meet with all of you after the show again. You are all great talents, and the kindness you show by signing autographs and talking with your fans after the show, is a great lesson to Jace, whether or not he should be lucky enough to have a future career in music! Though the show was less than a week ago, we all(I brought 5 people in '04 and 9 this year) can't wait for you to come back to Cape in 2006.

Thanks again, and keep on rocking!

Rob Walz

Monday, November 21, 2005 at 15:20
148) Kay Baucom
Wow!! Saw your show in OKC on Saturday night and was totally amazed!!! I have been listening to your music for a couple of years now and it's taken me up to now to get the first CD "Christmas Eve and Other Stories". I brought a 65-year-old friend from work with me and she loved it, too. There are no words to describe how this affected me. I cannot wait until you return to our fair city. I will be there, hopefully up front, but if not, it was great where we sat. We are breathlessly anticipating your next CD and concert. Thank you so much for such a great show!!!
Monday, November 21, 2005 at 11:42
Monday, November 21, 2005 at 11:20
146) Jeremy Coleman
Hey, Its me the lively guy from the second row at Bossier City, La. I had such a great time seeing you guys and had fun joking with you and having you laugh. I just didn't want to sit down. You guys had me so pumped up and I was trying to give back the energy. You have an awesome voice and I have never had so much fun in my life. Getting to meet everyone was awesome and flirting with the ladies was great. I wasn't blowing kisses to Angus but the wonderful Anna behind him....LOL. Hope to see you guys very soon. Take care brother and keep rocking on.

Jeremy Coleman

Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 12:05
145) Paula Weaver
I saw TSO in BC, LA last night and all I kept saying was "AWESOME". I know my 13 year old was thinking I was having a "Rainman" moment. My 13 year old has just announced she wants to go to Juliard, so it was very inspiring to be exposed to the level of talent there is in TSO. My 10 year old was totally blown away -- I think it's the quietest I've ever seen her. We were on the second row on the floor right in front of Al. For you guys to give us 200% for nearly 3 solid hours is something -- I told my husband that you had to be "worn slap out" (as we say here in the South). Thank you for the gift of TSO and thank you for remembering all of us this year after the hurricanes. I am a registered nurse, and I continue to be touched by the stories I hear from the evacuees and people like you and the members of TSO who did not hesitate for one second to give (and give until it hurts). I love all you guys, and I personally will hold you to your promise to come back next year (where I intend to have front row seats)!!
Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 10:27
144) Shane Doss
I saw TSO perform in Memphis on Thursday night, and the show had so much engery. Everything came together for a fantastic show. An excellent way to spend 2 1/2 hours. I can't wait until the group makes it back to Memphis.
Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 04:51
143) Annabelle
I wanted to say I have seen TSO every time you have come to Nashville. My husband and I saw your video when you first came out and we have been huge fans ever since. We just saw you here 11/14/05 and it is always such an emotional event for me. Every time I hear your music it is just so powerful, not just on the cds but live is so incredible. We both have every cd and know the words by heart to every song. Words cannot describe how much I truly love you all and your music. Thank you soo much.
Your loving fan,

Friday, November 18, 2005 at 15:37
142) Phyllis
WOW! I've been to alot of concerts in my life and I can say (without a doubt) last nights show in Memphis was the best I've ever witnessed. I just read your bio, too, and you "read" like the "Man's Man" I saw of you on stage. (And I thought since John Wayne died there weren't any left - silly me!)
Friday, November 18, 2005 at 10:43
141) Amanda Verbal
I seen TSO perform last night in Cape Girardeau, Mo. WOW!!! It was just awesome and so amazing!! I have been waiting to see TSO live since I first saw you on I think it was the Rosie O'Donald show in 1996. I was 11 then, and so now 9 years later I have finally succeded!! It was even better than I had ever imagined!! Thanks for making my first concert a wonderful memory!! Hope to see you all next year!! Merry Christmas!! Amanda Verbal

Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 09:53
140) Wendy Coleman
All I can say is WOW!!! I have always heard great things about TSO and I'm glad I was finally able to witness that. My parents and I were at the Chattanooga show and I loved it. My boyfriend is coming home from Italy (he's stationed there) in December for good. I am looking forward to bringing him to next years show. He was so jealous of me..hehe. Thank you for such a great show and I look forward to the next one!!
Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 20:51
139) Nathan House

I saw you the night of the show you did in Nashville on 11-15-05. I was there for the meet and greet and I told you you were my favorite. That hasn't changed! You really inspire me. You truly have a talent and God has obviously blessed you extensively. I myself am an aspiring guitar player and a singer. Looking up to you helps. I think you have the best male voice since Freddy Mercury at Barcelona! Please e-mail me back it would mean the world and more to me.

Your fan,
Nathan House

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 20:42
138) Phillip Blevins
Hey Tommy I saw you and "TSO" november,10 when y'all came to Jackson ms. y'all were great
Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 16:21
137) Richard Kyker
Outstanding is the only way to describe the show in Johnson City on 11/12/05. My 2nd T.S.O. show and meet & greet and you guys never fail to leave an impression that will last a life-time. The talent expressed on stage is immeasurable and the show is overwhelming. I am so gracious to the cast and crew for presenting such a memorable experience. Best of luck.
Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 08:59
136) Will Parks
Hi there. On the off chance that you have the time to read this (no hard feelings, you're a busy, busy dude), I wanted merely to extend a thank you for what was, quite simply, the most amazing, moving thing I've ever witnessed. I was at the show in Birmingham, and I can't thank you enough. I was in tears at the end of the "story" segment...this is the kind of show that reaffirms your faith in humanity. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you next year.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 01:07
135) billy pirtle
I'm lookin' forward to seeing tso for the 5th year! my favorite part of the show is when you sing "this Christmas day" take good care and keep singing!
Monday, November 14, 2005 at 13:25
134) Debbie Dubois
Hi Tommy!
My daughter and I have decided that TSO must be an annual tradition now. We are counting down the days and this time have purchased better tickets for a better view. You blow us away every year with tears and joy. Thank you. May God bless you and keep you in his care throughout your touring season and always. See you in Spokane on Nov. 27th. Until then may every performance bring you closer and closer to the "King".

Monday, November 14, 2005 at 12:50
133) Amanda Smith
Tommy - I was at the show last night and you all were AMAZING!! I went with my husband and a family friend and her grandson. The lights and pyrotechnics were outstanding...the show gets better and better every year!! Just an amazing show overall and I look forward to seeing you guys in Chattanooga again next year!! Thanks for getting my Christmas season off to an amazing start!
Monday, November 14, 2005 at 12:42
132) Leslie Laws
It was great to speak with the band members after the the show in JC, Tennessee. Everyone was so nice an genuinely friendly. I love yoour rock and roll voice. This show was even better than last year's which I would have thought impossible. TSO has become a Christmas tradition for me. Please return to Johnson City. May God Bless you!
Monday, November 14, 2005 at 12:17
131) Carol Craft
Hi Tommy,

This is my 4th year seeing the TSO West group, this year I had to go to Birmingham AL because you didn't have an Atlanta show this year! I still love ya!!

I try to recruit more fans each year and it's working, two more this year! I tell them that going to a TSO concert is like being baptized only it's being "Carolized"!!!!!!!!!

As I told you at the meet & greet, you are the best looking guy in the bad!! Angus is good looking, and I don't want to take anything from him, but you have the sexy Italian "thing" going for you!! I always like a nice looking Italian man!!

The show in B'ham was GREAT, even more wonderful surprises this year!!

Good luck with the rest of the tour and hope to see you in ATLANTA next year, please !!

Monday, November 14, 2005 at 06:59
130) Keith & Jenna Elliott
Hello Tommy,
Just another note to let you know that the Johnson City ,TN show was AWESOME!! It was wonderful to finally see you, the man we've heard and watched for so many years on the TSO CD's and DVD, live and performing for us in person! You made the show feel very personal! We hope to see you again next soon! Take care and have a GREAT tour!!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 10:29
129) Kim
It was great to meet you and the band members last night in Johnson City, TN. You guys are awesome. I told you that I had listened to TSO for six years and you gave me a special momento. Thank you so much for your kindness! You were awesome in the show and you are a great musician! Keep up the excellent work and please come back to Johnson City next year! Have a great TSO tour.

Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 09:12
128) Rema
Just got home from seeing TSO in Johnson City, Tn-11/12/05-AWESOME!!!!!
Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 00:13
127) Tricia Martin
Hi Tommy!
Went to the TSO Concert in Birmingham last night and I have decided that a TSO concert is NOT an event but an EXPERIENCE! What amazing genius I saw on that stage last night, so incredible there are no words!

Thanks for a MAGNIFICENT time!
A Forever Fan

Saturday, November 12, 2005 at 19:36
126) Jen Denning
Thank you for your inspiration
Saturday, November 12, 2005 at 16:23
125) Tina Book
I just watched my TSO DVD again. I love the "This Christmas Day" story. I wish TSO was coming to NJ soon - it would make my holiday so much more festive.

Regards to you and all the band.


Saturday, November 12, 2005 at 08:19
124) Patricia DeAngelis
Saw your show at the Hard Rock in Hollywood , Florida on Mon. Nov. 7th. Awesome show. Love the CD's but in person there are just no words to describe the show. Spectacuclar just doesn't do it. My daughters in California are planning to go to the Anaheim show on Dec. 4th. I hope that show will live up to the raves I gave them about Monday night. A DVD of a full live performance would have to be a best seller. Thanks for a wonderful evening.
Wednesday, November 09, 2005 at 21:26
123) Sue
I finally got to see you live at the Hardrock this week. It will be a night I will never forget. You and the rest of TSO were just awesome.
Wednesday, November 09, 2005 at 08:13
122) 34
Hi Tommy, remember me? Long time no see!!! How have you been? I haven't talked to you in ages :)

Your site looks great.
Hey, just because I don't have a radio show that you can visit anymore doesn't mean I don't want you to say hi once in a while LOL! Don't be such a stranger- K? :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005 at 19:56 Host:
121) selena
um... this is my correct address... still learning it :) okay bye!!!
Tuesday, November 01, 2005 at 03:22 Host:
120) selena schulz
Hey there my dear sweet friend. I wish you a safe venture on this tour. I will definitely be there again this year. Maybe even a pizza :)! Take care and c-ya soon. Tell everyone I said hi. Love one of your most loyal fans, Selena
Tuesday, November 01, 2005 at 03:13 Host:
119) Kim

Great website, very interesting. I just got tickets for my boyfriend for his birthday. We saw TSO for the first time last year and were hooked. I remember sitting there in was an incredible show and you were wonderful. I look forward to seeing you in Birmingham in November.

Sunday, October 16, 2005 at 08:20 Host:
118) Dave Richards
Hi Tommy! Dave from Cleveland. I'm gonna order PCR today, & I just wanted to pop in to say Hey. I'm a huge TSO fan (as in I love TSO, not as in I'm 400 lbs), but I've never seen a West show live. I met the O'2L bunch here in Cleveland, so that's probably the closest I'll get to the West for awhile. If you think of it, tell Jane & company I said Hello. (Sure wish I could get your autograph on my VHC CD!). Thanks - hope to catch a West show sometime.
Wednesday, October 12, 2005 at 09:17 Host:
117) Carol Sue Elliott
Thanks for the music. I can't wait to see/hear TSO in St. Louis, Missouri Dec 23
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 at 00:15 IP:
116) Dianne Harris
You are the greatest voice in show business. I have been to Dallas twice to see you. Sure hope I can make it to the Little Rock, Arkansas show on the 21st. I am disabled but am sure going to try to find a way to come to the show. Keep on rockin!!!!
Wednesday, September 28, 2005 at 01:38 Host:
115) Elizabeth Boston
Dear Tommy,

I love it when you come to Amarillo every year with TSO!!! I look forward to it all year. If I could only go to one concert every year, TSO would be it. See you in December.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at 12:52 Host:
114) Tammy~kins
Hi Tommy!
Tammy and Amanda here from the Houston shows (The Mom and Daughter that presented you with the ORIGINAL gift of Christmas..Frank Gold & Myrrh)
Just wanted to say that I am so excited to see that you have your Own place on the web! I have so much catching up to do here!

My Daughter and I will be seeing you on December 18th in Houston ... 9th row! PRESALE RAWKS! LOL

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how welcome you always have made us feel at the shows! I know we have always been just two of MANY but somehow you always seem to make us feel like family! It wouldn't be Christmas without the giggly wonderful feeling that your part of TSO brings us and for the warm greetings you always have for us.
We PROMISE to try and sit a little more STILL and keep from jumping out of our seats and dancing so much... I said we'll TRY! HA!
With that said... we hope to see ya'll in more than one city. San Antonio is a 3 hour drive and well worth the trip! Seems we just can't get enough of the wonderful peace ya'll seem to share.

Yeah yeah.. I know.... I'm mushy and rambling again...HA!
We Love Ya and thank you for the special way you treat us as fans.
Tammy and Amanda Cowart

: ) Tammy~kins

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at 01:17 Host:
113) kennet a briganti
tommy dont know if you will remember me but work for the concert security co csc in south fla you came to mizner park ampitheather in 03 and was doing backstage laminate checks and got talking to you inbetween your smoke breaks that i remember you from swift kick days i still do concert security and work for the same co and look foward to you comming in november stay well
Sunday, September 25, 2005 at 16:41 Host:
112) Candy Cane
Hey Tommy, it's already starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Having just bought my tickets for the December 3rd 8pm show at Arco Arena, all that's missing is a tree to decorate in the living room! You have an amazing -- and very sexy -- voice, your songs are always the highlight of the evening for me. I wish you would sing MORE songs in the show, but I guess I'll just have to take what I can get! This will be the first show I've attended where I don't have to work the next day, so I'm hoping to meet you (and the rest of the gang) after the show! Save a kiss for me, OK? See ya in December!
Sunday, September 25, 2005 at 01:30 Host:
111) Ruth Sifford
Hey, Tommy,
I am one of your "Ornament fans". I have been to 3 concerts in Amarillo, Texas.This year I will see the concert in Dallas, Texas, due to a (shall we say) "life change". I purchased the pre-sale tickets this afternoon online to take my 18 year old niece to her first TSO concert. The tickets were higher than I really wanted to pay, but hey, everything in life is how badly do you want it! We will be going to the 3:00 show. By the way, Thank you for 2 shows in Dallas!! I remember how wiped out everyone was after the Amarillo concerts ,I can only imagine how tired y'all will be after 2 shows! I am really looking forward to the concert.
I don't know if you'll remember me or not,last year when I went through the meet-n-greet line, I told you that "Ornament" makes me cry and showed you my locket with my daughter's picture in it. You gave me a pre-show ticket that I wasn't sure what to do with! I thought later, "You didn't have him autograph it!"
"Ornament" makes me think of my daughter in the picture. I gave her up for adoption when I was 16, and never expected to ever see her again. In February,2001, she called me and we met for the first time. She came to live with me for awhile, but she and my (now)ex-husband didn't get along, so she moved out. That year I went to my first TSO concert and heard
"Ornament" and "This Christmas Day" for the first time. I cried like a big ole baby! "The Three Kings and Granddad" was a lot of fun! I have been hooked on TSO since then.
Thanks for making Christmas really special for me again.
Sincerely, Ruth Sifford

Friday, September 23, 2005 at 22:35 Host:
110) Erich Kertzscher
Hey Paul,
Who decides which venue you play in Minnesota with TSO? This year you are at the Target Center in Minneapolis. YUK!! Love you guys, but the sound at the Target sucks. I did see your half stadium show a few years ago and your sound man did a great job. He will be challenged in the large stadium setting. You will be the only band I see there. Can't you guys keep going to the Xcel in St. Paul?
Looking forward to seeing you in December
Erich Kertzscher
Scandia, MN.

Friday, September 23, 2005 at 13:56 Host:
109) Ann
Hey Tommy...
Was nice getting to "chat" with you recently. You are a joy...a cutie... a wonderful singer... and I am sooooooooooo looking forward to seeing you again this December in Kansas City (MO...).

Be safe... be happy... and can hardly wait until December or our next "chat"... A fan for life... Ann

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 at 22:37 Host:
107) Ron Gossett
My favorite of the TSO members, love your music and voice
Monday, September 19, 2005 at 20:48 Host:
106) Denise Gregory
Hi Tommy:

I've been a TSO fan for almost five years now and have been to three concerts now at the Rose Garden in Portland, OR. Although I love all of TSO, the songs you sing are my favorites. Your beautiful, soulful voice is filled with feeling in every word you sing--it's poetry.

I just read your bio and was amazed to discover a few similarities in our beginnings. I too am a third generation Italian-American born in the mid 50s. My mother's parents immigrated to NY from Naples, but ended up in CT. My mother was from a family of 12. My father was from the West Coast, that is how I ended up out here. Oh yeah, I don't have any children, but I do have a cat named Doodles (I see that is a nickname for your lovely daughter Cassandra).

Much love my Italian brother. Looking forward to the November 30 concert in Portland this year.


Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 18:20 Host:
105) Tom
It's nice to know I'm NOT the ONLY one who is incapable of brown-nosing! Looking forward to seeing you in Sacramento this upcoming holiday season.
Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 00:10 Host:
104) Cyni DeBriae
We are so excited that you will be at the Idaho Center Nov. 26.. There could not have been a better date for us to kick off the Holiday season with TSO. At last count I have 15 tickets to buy and the list is growing.

We will pray that everything goes well with the tour this year. See ya, after the concert.


Friday, September 16, 2005 at 18:00 Host:
101) me
yeah tommy stay gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! pithh i see yopu too in geenbay
Thursday, September 08, 2005 at 19:07 Host: